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Only sticks where it’s meant to

Does not stick during transport or in the machine

Due to the free-flowing properties, the granules can be precisely dosed

The interview about the innovation

Nadia Kursawe, Global Business Team Manager Masterbatches, in conversation with Jan Malachowski, Process Technician at LEHVOSS.

The interview briefly summarized in five slides.

  • “With our granulated hotmelts we save the client time and money.”

  • “Clumps of hotmelt just hold you up.”

  • “In contrast, the granulated hotmelt has so many advantages…”

  • “…no standstill of machines, no material wastage and no process deviations…”

  • “…and above all, transportation and storage without clumping.”

Because it pays off: hot melts in Toll Compounding

We manufacture granulated hotmelt compounds in the desired granulate form – with the specific product properties needed for your field of application. In Toll Compounding everything is included: consultation on the formula, test runs, production, and finally packaging in handy 25-kilo cartons. It couldn’t be easier.

Processes in Toll Compounding


More questions than ready answers? At LUVOBATCH®/LUVOADD we have the answers. That’s down to decades of experience with masterbatches and additives – and because plastics fascinate us more than anything else. You can read about how we are defining and changing the market on this page.


Get to know part of the team here – from a more personal side.

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Fabian Riebl

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Angelika Hauck

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Janine Al Taghlibi

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Marie Becker

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Wir zeigen Ihnen Einblicke in unseren Testablauf. Sehen Sie in unserem 40sekündigem Video, wie bei LUVOBATCH®/LUVOADD Flammschutz-Eigenschaften getestet werden und wie unsere Tester dabei ganz souverän bleiben.


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Normen kennen. Selbstverständlich.

In unserer aktuellen Flammschutz-Broschüre erhalten Sie einen Überblick über halogenfreie und halogenhaltige FR-Masterbatche sowie die Normen, die sie erfüllen. Jetzt einfach als PDF downloaden.

Oder brennt Ihre Leidenschaft eher fürs Labor? In unserem 4-minütigen Video führen wir Sie durch unsere Testeinrichtungen in Hamburg.

Trend topic 2023:

Goodbye to PFAS

The K trade fair has shown: the topic of sustainability is right at the top of the agenda for the plastics industry. Above all in the USA where several federal states are rolling out bans on the use of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds in food packaging from the beginning of this year.

Within the EU similar legislative discussions are taking place. Sooner or later the manufacturers of packaging containing PFAS will have to adapt. But what are the alternatives and, above all: how can transparent packaging with similar properties be manufactured without PFAS?

We at LUVOBATCH® and LUVOADD have answers to the issues of the future. Would you like to learn more about our PFAS-free processing aids? Then simply send us a message – we will answer you personally.

Stories archive

Innovation in flame retardancy – without halogen

LEHVOSS & MOCOM present transparent PMMA compound as a world first. Flame retardancy and ecology – two current topics in our industry. A new generation of flame retardant additives shows how optimum flame retardant properties can be achieved without halogen.

Lightweights do the heavy lifting

Whenever it’s all about saving weight, blowing agents are the logical answer. Not only in automotive engineering, but also in places you would never expect: on garden terraces, in household appliances and in sewage pipes.

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